The website user data of the nine analysis law

four, user occupation.

3. website daily in each column, each of the number of visits. This data can be obtained from the website in the background.

The distribution of How long will you stay in the

five, user habits.

2. website daily visits. This data can be obtained from the website in the background.

1. user web browsing habits, including news content, the overall layout of the interface used is reasonable, when users browse news feel where not suitable for the use of habits and so on?. This is very important, because most users on the Internet have formed a habit to visit the site. Only with their habits to design and service, so you can stick to the user. Analysis of artificial investigation on the website of the the source of the data, analysis and website technology. read more

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With the sharp drop in the volume of sea site index is the spark caused by any algorithm

therefore, the webmaster in website content updates on the day after, is not to fall in love with the sea and play "cat and mouse".

this dragon does not believe that love is what Shanghai new algorithm is launched or their own database, is precisely the effect caused by the spark plan love Shanghai. In the love of Shanghai continue to advocate website original content and user experience today, the spark plan is introduced in order to protect the original rights and interests, to enhance its credibility favorable measures to love Shanghai. Most of the domestic situation can throughout Shanghai dragon, in the station for the intentions of editing and the original is not much, and the website wants to do all the original itself is a challenge, in the homogenization of serious lack of implementation of Internet space. Although love Shanghai in advocating the original, and has introduced a variety of measures to guide the webmaster towards the original direction, but most commonly take the Shanghai dragon adopted piecemeal strategy, through a variety of means to confuse the pseudo original love Shanghai judgment, so as to achieve the purpose of real ones. read more

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Analysis of the five on the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of relatively large impact factor

) revising the webmaster website title, or excessive building key phrase

sites use space to host quality is very important, because it relates to the users of your website experience, if the user to your site experience is too low, so webmaster face punishment is nothing more than the two, one is love Shanghai site was K off, because the users of your sense of experience is too low the two is to love Shanghai; your site K off or in the sandbox, you continue to observe a period of time, you will see no improvement; no matter what punishment will inevitably affect our website optimization, so I do not want to do the webmaster in this waste slobber, believe you know read more

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Do Wangzhuan choose a suitable opportunity to be successfulAs a need to master the essential qualiti

makes money through the Internet, with special management skills, whether it’s doing its own web site or setting up an online shop. Know how to cut costs and improve benefits from all kinds of details. A lot of things can’t be helped by friends, so they can only be solved by themselves. If even the basic management work absent-minded, ability is not, it is difficult to through the network to earn their own money first, it is more difficult to achieve real Wangzhuan male.

understand the use of other people’s strength, is the real strong. It is difficult for a person to have enough standing in the Internet society if he doesn’t have enough friends who are loyal enough. True masters, not necessarily very strong, but must have their own team, like a powerful money making machine, high-speed operation. Know how to communicate with strangers and build friendships. Don’t wait to ask for help when you need it. If you do, you will be rejected, and your career will not go smoothly. read more

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Optimization of long tail keywords those details deserve our heart to dig

fourth, timely statistics record of their long tail word. Because of the large number of long tail words, >

second, the long tail word way by optimizing the website content page. The long tail keywords because the flow rate is low, so little competition in the most common way is through the optimization of the website content page to do, we have to be careful of the details of the long tail word related titles, such as layout description and Keywords tag and text content are reasonable layout of the long tail word our most common practice, through the original the content related to a relatively high degree of quality to attract customers attention to help customers solve the problem, the article must be based on the user experience as the core, try not to read too much of the anchor text user. Reasonable distribution, nature is the long tail key word layout in the content page. read more

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n the eyes of the original love Shanghai is actually the case

is the construction site content hard and honest, the original article I also do regularly, but no obvious change in my ranking Xiaofeng lottery website, website weight etc.. Of course, I’m not saying that you really do website content construction, regardless of the construction of the chain, just focus on the content of the website construction, the promotion chain is the right to do.

Every day I for their peopleThe construction of

in original content Xiaofeng lottery site, the original article was written not long, have been collected. My original content is mainly made of long tail keyword insertion in the title of the lottery promotion, natural join link. In a period of observation found that the article was collected there are two: one is reproduced when the link is removed; two is reproduced with links to reprint, but the ranking is weight high websites. Search long tail keywords, we can not see, high weight website reproduced some of our article ranking it up, this is the advantage of large website. read more

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The new website how to choose the long tail words and long tail Word Layout

I think: accurate, long tail keywords bring customer turnover is relatively high;

recommended index refers to the "love Shanghai index:

Keywords The

how to do network marketing? [

what is the long tail keywords

I think: the long tail keywords is the target keywords subdivision, is usually composed of 2-3 words, and even some phrases;

rival search index, and less competition; can use the keywords webmaster tools mining function to see, the competition of medium keywords (general index below 200) were screened out or edited articles such as the title, to set the key words; read more

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What the chain is the chain of value to users

a good effect of the chain is can bring a lot of traffic to your site. That is a high quality of the chain is the most fundamental performance can bring visitors, whether can let visitors feel the value of. The author will talk about this problem for what the chain is the value chain visitors really need.


3) the use of black chain;


1) to spend money to buy or sell can enhance the so-called high weight chain;

in the past we will effect the definition of the chain in order to attract the search engine spiders, as long as can be included in the search engine is good outside the chain, but now this one view needs to make a change. We need to add a high quality the chain can bring traffic conditions. In a related industry platform according to the needs of users post links, let visitors more clearly grasp and open yourself to open the link, the chain that users don’t produce the aversion to users is the value of the link, the chain can say is the real link with the highest quality user experience. read more

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What factors affect the Taobao search ranking for a free flow to save your store

2, the key attribute of


: a correlation factorThe correlation between

two factors: cheating


: display attribute

pay the shop for the entire traffic flow is more than 60% or even more? Today we’ll talk about how to pay the proportion of traffic decline, how to get a free flow of

what is cheating? All acts to obtain benefits in order to deceive consumers, can be called cheating. Whether it is inconsistent, postage, stack keywords advertising goods, misplaced category, or malicious speculation, speculation sales credit, low prices to deceive users, are cheating. Taobao rules expressly prohibited many cheating, although the rules are not always perfect, it is not possible to enumerate all cases, but the anti cheat system Taobao will also identify cheating, while Taobao’s system is always in continuous improvement, the rules are constantly updated, once the system algorithm to identify cheating, for those who rely on these the method of cheating sellers, there will be. read more

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The mirror philosophy Ten competitors rely on experience to optimize the site

2, see competitors website design

person, gains and losses. With competitors as a mirror, we can know that we do stand in the process the disadvantage and advantage. When we understand the competitors as a mirror, the competitor is a mirror, or a "mirror", "what the devil snake god" will show. The deficiencies of the site are usually expressed in contrast to the opponent and obviously, the beauty of the site will also because of their lack of precious. The following specific talk about how to put competitors as a mirror, this is my today to introduce the competition website optimization rely on ten experiences, I hope these ten experience to be able to help. read more

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Using the idea of creating sprocket pages link to improve the key word ranking

note: when the other site contained in these words, the best way through the text link up, let the search engines don’t feel you too much to optimize.


: first determine the keyword


site in the optimization process, page link is very important, powerful pages link to improve keyword weight is very helpful. However, we usually do in the chain are made, there is no detailed plans to build facilities, powerful within the chain, is planning to.

third: determine the main keywords article link read more

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The three year of the rabbit 2011 direction adjustment algorithm to predict the love of Shanghai

Correlation with

, a website with hidden: "love Shanghai in search of the title of the fine-tuning, the high weight of the site added favicon.ico icon" this implies that all the 2011 love Shanghai more attention to user experience. What about the review of the station garbage article is how, it is with the theme of the site is completely irrelevant, most of the articles are collected in the pseudo original. Make some adjustments in the coming months will love Shanghai correlation and original content on the site of the algorithm are right down to these sites. The same is the content of the website title link is still the theme of the site and no contact, smart station group of operators of the thought is hidden to the user’s experience, although the search engine can not very well tell whether hidden text cheating, but this is not a permanent solution. read more

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The impact of social media on the Shanghai dragon SNS

in the new media era for Shanghai dragon can be said to be in rapid diffusion, and enterprises need to do is to keep up with the pace of change, the use of existing resources to carry out a new direction for the development of enterprises, enterprises to develop new strategic objectives. Diversified development has come, can not keep up the pace of Internet enterprise can only be abandoned.

The influence of The first 贵族宝贝web-pro-

what we need to do is


on Shanghai dragon

two read more

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Three misunderstandings of the serious problem of Shanghai dragon er you know

Shanghai Longfeng lonely brother bold speculation, for the website of Shanghai dragon in the future may one day with the Internet users habits disappear, but never thought of Shanghai dragon will be used, as long as the ranking is, for example: B2C and B2B shopping site, enterprise site ranking ranking, keyword ranking service industry etc.. So we don’t complain, let us act together.

Shanghai Longfeng not immutable and frozen, love Shanghai algorithm moment in the update, the orthodox Shanghai dragon can not guarantee that you do not foul. Orthodox can only be said to be a middle ground, suitable for beginners to learn, so your website survival cycle was longer, but what is not too ideal ranking. Shanghai dragon and the social reality, there is relationship between the back door is always better than you have the ability to never mind climbing fast! So, communicate more exchanges. read more

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The webmaster exchange Links should pay attention to four points

A snapshot of a web site We all know that

exchange Links note two: website weight


high and low, also affect their own website, for example a weight is 7 sites and a weight is 3 of the website, so when the two are linked to each other, weight high website will take part of the weight distribution to the friends of the chain, so that can cause weight loss, so when our website weight is relatively high, to exchange Links, it is best to find some weight equivalent, such as 7 of the weight for a few weight of 5, 6 or, if you find the weights of 8, 9, 10 of that nature is the best, so the in front of them upside down to. read more

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Toubicongrong, from Shanghai dragon 0 walk on the road

old station several core keyword ranking can also, but not the whole flow, the long tail word too little. The boss to the network business, in June this year, taking advantage of the new boss "earth Yunlong steel www.ddylsteel贵族宝贝". The new station for a total cost of 417 yuan, including domain name, virtual host. Website program: Metinfo, the free version of the website such as income, and then ask for money to buy a paid version, have certain conditions to support genuine, everybody is not easy, I wish the website development company Business Flourishes program is found! The analysis of competitors, at the time that the small volume, simple structure, good structure. But now that there are a lot of bad design, this is something. read more

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The bride and the intern and shorten the rise of occupation on the roadnternet banking fire raised

the Workplace Law in the traditional economic era is crumbling and reshaping.

financial market has stimulated many industries that were originally quiet, but they have already been burned

Huang Xiaowu returned home at 7 o’clock on Saturday morning. Because of a recent project proposal, she worked overtime with the 10 90 members of the content group until dawn. They were called the 4 takeaway: a barbecue, a crayfish, a cold buffet and a McDonald’s fast food, it through the long night. read more

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Entrepreneur obviously CEO’s life, how do you handle the heart of a migrant worker!f a webmaster ch

then there was a saying in the high school politics textbook: "your professional ideals need to be in line with the needs of society.".

now I realize that this "social needs" is actually created by myself.

bet356 下载安装? ? ? ? ? ? some webmaster do stand to do station, cash flow becomes more difficult, in fact as long as you spend some time thinking about, is not difficult at all, as long as IP can make money, many of the league, such as GG, to guide the registration SP SMS Union, flow the alliance, sub pay and so on, but the election alliance is very important, because each IP is a visitors, these visitors always interested in something, so the alliance together, you came to the station on the visitors basically everyone will bring you income, how to choose the alliance, choose the union I can not say, here, so they said I was ad, but are interested in, and I believe that friends can add my :122435682, but here I can give you an example: if you have 1000IP, you can release the traffic On the A page if A is * * League, 1000IP can earn 20 – 40 yuan, this is my test, in the release of both, jump to B "jump code is very important, I use the code, the visitors in the unaware in the jump, very classic, now visitors has opened two", namely A and B. On the B web page put several other league ads such as boot registration, etc., here you can earn 20 – 30 or so, so you can achieve the flow of recycling. The above may also have some details, did not say clearly, interested friends welcome to add my exchange. read more

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From the front desk to Vice President Ali work in the boss’s mind!Brewmaster network Hao Hongfeng so


if an employee’s thoughts are wrong, then the employee’s education is higher, and his ability is not strong enough to be a good employee. Because a person’s thinking will determine a person’s behavior, a person’s thinking will determine a person’s approach. Therefore, the most important thing is not to see the employees’ educational background, age, experience, height and looks, but to see whether the employee has a good idea.

, who has worked in Shanxi for more than 10 years, is a native of Hebei, Handan province. He calls himself Jin merchants. In 2009, when he moved to the electricity supplier to create brewmaster net, a media and peer tease said, coal bosses to liquor. read more

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The main way to make money online in 2009Grassroots media from the entrepreneurial experience transa

Wuhan has been raining for several days. It’s really a bit hard for me. The rainy weather will affect the unconscious emotions, it seems that most people are hard to do Fan Zhongyan " the " not pleased not to have compassion feelings. I have been here in Wuhan for less than a year. Although I don’t like the city very much, I have a bit of affection. People always want to find a place to settle down, not, although I have all over the country is the idea of home, in practical considerations, after all, still have to settle in a place. read more

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