A guest webmaster experience sharing

do anything, as long as you do it, and then you will succeed. Do stand also is same, want website gain namely inevitable. I used to just get some blogs, and personal homepage just accumulated some experience. For a guest the attention is not paid, Tao guest promotion I do not want to see. My work is busy, not to study it, a chance to see Ali mother several successful guest, on the heart.

I think that as long as the intention to do, I can do well in amoy. But want to do standard, there must be a site, site must have three ideas: first, the site planning; second, website construction; third, website promotion. read more

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Jialun understand T field

began to contact IT field from 98 years of college, until now 10 years found that different people on the definition of IT is different, the definition of IT in different stages is different, this person a sketch in 10 years as a summary of my understanding of IT.

phase 1 hardware, that is, IT

94 desktop became popular, the hardware on behalf of IT, who said Zhongguancun IT, Zhongguancun is actually selling computer, the CPU frequency of the Commission as the symbol of the development of IT industry, the association can be regarded as a sign of enterprises; read more

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Lin how to do a good job in WAP navigation station

once I (Lin Junhong) also built navigation station, mobile navigation station. The site is (wapvy.cn is now home to the WAP source code), which was still hot for the last two years at the WAP navigation station. Just do not understand, just know every day string of friends to apply for chain, traffic is also rising very quickly. But after a period of time, found that the flow of friends did not apply for more chains, but also a sharp decline. Think carefully, and found that the original visit has not come back, the application of friends chain also because there is no chain, the site link is also sunken. Reason: too many garbage sites, the classification is not detailed enough, the layout is a mess, the site does not have its own style. Repeated analysis: why didn’t I rectify the website when the traffic grew rapidly?. read more

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From the 104 A5 domain name investment market exceeded the enlightenment


domain name sale attracted countless webmaster attention in recent years, from the beginning of the hao123 domain name is the beginning of the acquisition, the digital domain name, domain name, domain name city Shuangpin domain name investors became a favorite, and in the near future with the acquisition of several large companies to speed up the pace of the domain name is lit domain name investment transactions hot market, the the 104 phase of the Admin5 version of the chat activity this afternoon, the guests do a very detailed answer to the domain name investment market recently, from today’s version of the chat activity I got some inspiration, he will share out, hope that we can like. read more

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[Earl] the theory of reversal of the nternet – the same for human beings

The roots of the

reversal theory are based on a world of inequality. This inherent inequality creates a deficit that can generate electricity in the physical and separate the material in the chemical community. This deficit is the eternal power of the Internet community and the whole universe. This deficit is worth learning and knowing.

, when a humble individual site is tenacious, it’s like a very low side of the reversal. Also, more profitable the strength and size of the station is reversed in a senior level. These 2 layers are all in contact and function. But this function is only an image in the eyes of people. Without seeing the essence, there is no breakthrough in essence. A catalyst or an artificial function can produce electrical energy and produce new substances. The middle man should be ours. No matter your hero or grass root. Discover, do, can have certain function, do not produce electricity, just die oneself. read more

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Electricity supplier security talks about CMS, Discuz and other open source website procedures, vuln

in China now is easy to do a webmaster, open source Internet overwhelming station program can meet any of your needs; however, it is so hard to do a webmaster, web site every day to face a variety of known and unknown threats, open source cms or forum program is good, however more people, more research, there is a small hole, hit the official patch is not timely, on a website, that is the crowning calamity.

fortunately, thanks to our vast hacker circles friends, without them, I’m afraid the network was not so safe, our developers after being black numerous times, strengthening program again and again, and now want to find a discuz or phpcms loopholes, loopholes, Biden days of the estimation of the degree of difficulty is not much difference in the black market; of these, a few people to grasp the exploit program is also close to the price of the sale price. read more

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A guide to technical entrepreneurship failure () a trap for collaborative Entrepreneurship

Hello everyone, I’m leaf rattan. The title of this article is called "technician’s failure to start business guide". You must be surprised. Why don’t you write the guide to success?

the first reason: see my previous article friends know, my 10 years has experienced numerous failures, but without success, the loser can write failure as a senior guide, not qualified to write a guide to success.

: second reasons lead to Rome successful path of thousands, even write a guide to success, also can only specify a way, if this path is really bright road to success, the horse was soon filled with people, causing traffic jams, it is not the road to success. So, if you want to succeed, you have to find a way out of the way others have not done, because no one else has ever passed, so of course there aren’t any guides. The failure guide is to tell you some dangerous pitfalls on your way to start business without limiting your progress. As long as you bypass these pitfalls, the chances of success are increased. Let’s get started: read more

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Fast code nets Guo Jijun personal webmaster will have to like spring pressure can not collapse

time: March 9th at 3 p.m. guests: fast code site long Guo Jijun theme: do life in the "spring"

web site profile:

fast allusion net is one of the most comprehensive text tools provide multi language website, as well as between the Chinese and minority language translation work, and possession of the first poem, idiom and other features, created by well-known grassroots webmaster Guo Jijun.

guest profile:

he used to work as a locksmith, a booth, a net policeman for his website, and two coffees…… He had many stories in the webmaster; he has not received higher education, is out and out "grassroots", his personal website, success among the national traffic 500 in just three years time will be able to! Now, but he is willing to give up this once brought him out of the big profit site, buried in his fast allusion net for more than a year — a retreat by most of the people think there is no profit pattern language tool website. read more

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Analysis of Taobao store small reason

many novice sellers are always complaining about their bad business and low store flow. Then we will analyze and analyze your reasons in the end.

1., did you have your shop decorated? Did you use the shop?

, of course, a lot of friends in the shop after all in want to, anyway, is free shop, why do I have to spend 50 dollars this month Taobao Wang Pu, but here I want to tell you, although just shop not earn money is very normal, but if you open the store would have to decorate ah also want to own a shop decoration is very beautiful, there are buyers to see the urge to buy, so don’t worry about this 50 yuan to Wang Pu, only the investment, there is definitely a return. read more

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